Se7en Deadly SEALs: Season 2

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I don’t recognize the classy woman in the mirror staring back at me―sensible hair, nude lipstick, curves bound in the finest business suit. I have dedicated my life to uncovering the secrets of the SEAL Teams. Hoping one day, I’ll be able to find out who kidnapped my sister.

As a NCIS agent investigating the Teams, there is no margin for error. I have to maintain professionalism at all times. I didn’t count on being forced to work with the resident SEAL bad boy, Mitch Meyer. But opening up to Mitch is the key to unraveling the secrets of the Teams. Any sacrifice will be worth it if I can discover what happened to my sister. Mitch may tempt me, but I’ll never let him into my heart.

About the Book
Series: Se7en Deadly SEALs, Se7en Deadly SEALS: Season Two, Book 16
Genre: Military Romance
Tags: Bad Boy, SEALs
ISBN: 9781635762013
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