Tail Chaser

Tail Chaser

He can’t stop chasing my tail, but he makes me act like a bitch in heat.

About the Book


Jedidiah Lapp is the most eligible man in Lancaster County. He’s six foot two, gorgeous, and famous for his stint on the Amish reality show, Bad Amish. I hate his stupid puppy mill, Amish Puppies Direct. I hate the way he looks at me like I’m his breeding bitch in heat. I don’t care that he makes me come like the dawn, can build houses with his bare hands, and has the best beard I’ve ever ridden. There’s no such thing as a good breeder!

After meeting him at our rescue store, I decide to go with him to Amish country to try to stop his breeding facility. 

If I can convince him to stop breeding before he is baptized Amish, I will save thousands of dogs’ lives. 

We will never work out. We’re like oil and water. I’m addicted to my phone, and he doesn’t even had electricity. 

I’m not sure I can quit him. 

But it doesn’t matter—once he is baptized, I will lose him forever.

Then why can’t he stop chasing my tail? 

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Available May 14, 2019

Series: Rescue Me, Book 3
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Tag: Royal
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