The Maid and The Marine

I will never be her Prince Charming.

Cin—Trace Bevins is a smoking hot, badass Marine. One look at his devilish smile, his fully sleeved tattoos, and his ripped body, and I know he’s way out of my league.

After all, I’m only a poor maid.

But when his date flakes, Trace invites me as his guest to the Marine Corps Ball.

Trace and I share a passionate night, but I know that the fairy tale will have to end at midnight, and I will go back to my depressing reality.

Trace makes me an offer I can’t refuse, and I agree to marry him under one condition—our marriage, just like the ball, has an expiration date. But the shoe fits so well, how can I say goodbye?

Trace—Cin Cortez is unlike any woman I have ever met. She is kind, humble, and beautiful—everything I’d look for, if I wanted a girlfriend, which I sure as hell do not.

But when I find out that she’s about to be homeless, I can’t look the other way. As a single Marine, I live in the barracks—she can’t move in with me. Unless I marry her.

Though the marriage is fake, the feelings start becoming real.

I have to end this now before she realizes that I’m not whom she thinks I am. I’m a dirty devil dog—I will never be her Prince Charming.

About the Book


Series: Heroes Ever After, Book 5
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance
Tag: Release Schedule
ISBN: 9781941665428