The Mermaid and The Triton

The Mermaid and The Triton

I’m a Navy SEAL, a Triton, a god of the sea. And she will never be part of my world.

Once I find out that the sexy redhead is teaching aquatic classes next to my base, I vow to do anything to make her mine.
After our mind-blowing time together, she vanishes.
She shows up in BUD/S as part of the first class to let in women. I’m head instructor, and there’s no way in hell I will lower the standards of my Team to please the brass and make a political statement.
It doesn’t matter how much I want her because she’s forbidden to me now. I’m the teacher and she’s my student. She will obey my every command.
She can try to pass hell week but she will fail.

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Series: Heroes Ever After, Book 2
Genre: Military Romance
Tags: Bad Boy, Navy, SEALs
ASIN: B0745JH13L
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