Father Figure Release!

So excited to announce the release of my new book, Father Figure! This book was cowritten with one of my favorite authors, Jane Harvey-Berrick. It’s an epic, ugly cry romance between a Navy SEAL turned Catholic priest and a street wise troubled woman. Read it now! Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Father Figure

Father Figure

Forgive me father, I have sinned.

Father Gabriel found me on the street selling my body to the highest bidder. He thinks he has saved me, but he’s wrong. I will never be redeemed. But then again, neither will he.

You see, Father Gabriel is a tortured man. Eighteen years ago, this former Navy SEAL made a mistake that caused the death of his best friend and Teammate. A man who was my father.

Father Gabriel is fighting for redemption every single day of his life, trying to atone for his sins—saving a life for taking one.

He never knew that his friend left a daughter behind. Now I will make him pay for the life he stole from me. He owes me his love, his body, his soul.

I will break him. Ruin his life like he ruined mine.

I would like to do penance, promise to sin no more, but I cannot lie. I choose the darkness over the light. I choose to do wrong, because it feels so right. And I’m going to do it again.

A heart-breaking tale of love, loss and redemption from two best-selling authors, teaming up for the first time for this epic, ugly cry, standalone forbidden romance.


About the Book


Series: Standalones
Tags: SEALs, Standalones
ISBN: 9781941665459
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