Deadly Lies Release

Deadly Lies is available now on all platforms! The first book in the series, Deadly Sins is FREE on all platforms.

Deadly Lies

Deadly Lies

A brazen, bad boy Navy SEAL wants the one woman he can’t have in Deadly Lies, the fourth book of Se7en full length novels in the addictive Deadly SEALs series.

I don’t ever play by the rules, not in my love life or my job.
NCIS Agent Ashley Pierce suspects me of murder, and I’m more than happy to let her investigate me.
She has her agenda; I have mine. She’ll do anything to break her case, and I’ll do anything to make her submit to me.
But when the one thing that matters most to me in the world is taken, I need her help. Once we go down this road together, there is no turning back for either of us. Even if we never make it out alive.

About the Book


Series: Deadly SEALs, Book 4
Genres: Romantic Suspense, Romantic Thriller
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